Saturday, 1 May 2010

Day 121 (01.05.10)

Dag hundrede og énogtyve. Welcome, one and all, to the first of May! Pinch! Punch! First day of the month, noobs! So yah, Mayday and all that. I don't really know much about mayday; I think I'll leave writing about that to the mayday fanatics. However, mayday means one thing on this blog: a monthly letter! Wahey! I seem to be saying wahey a lot recently, I think it'll be my new favourite word, apart from 'fornølse', which just sounds awesome.

Oh look, a pic. Maypole or some shit like that. Seemed appropriate. God knows where it's from, Google images is anonymous if you choose a pic in 5 seconds.

OK, onto today's letter. For those of you who don't know, this is how it works: I write a letter at the start of each month, to myself in the past and myself in the future. It's odd, and it sometimes doesn't make sense, but it's a fun nonsensical break from all my usual sane posts (sarcasm intended). Here's last months post

Dear me/myself,

It's been a fair 30 days. School started again, dangit. Just crept up on me like some shady pervert, said 'boo!' and ran off. With all its tests and Mock GCSEs and stuff like that. I seem kinda cut off from it here, art my computer listening to Glee and grinning over another two days of weekend. Whoever invented bank holidays (weekends+monday off) - I'm pretty sure they were named after someone, Baker Days or something like that. Anyways, I doubt there'll be a three-day weekend where you are, future self.

OK, let's get onto my responses from last month. I still haven't built anything with those rock bricks (slopes), though I have built a lot otherwise: Neo-Futuron, microspace, and that prison bus thing that no one liked. You'll be happy to know I still haven't lost any limbs, which is always a good thing, though I did get a numb hand yesterday. Luckily that's not as big as losing a limb, which would really be a bummer.

So what are my goals for the 1st June? I said last month that in May I'd be swamped in exams and GCSEs, and I am, but the real GCSEs are yet to come. I think I will have to repeat myself and say good luck in the exams, me. By the 1st June, I should know at least something about how I did. That's because I'll have actually done the exams. So good luck, build something Pirate, and don't buy CS5, it's bloody expensive.

Until then, here's to another great month on this blog. You're awesome, dude.


Not the best letter, but it's a letter anyways. Oh, I missed the 20-day challenge yesterday: I'll keep the pic-a-day, defo. But for the third paragraph? I need a new challenge, so I will write about what I hope to achieve in the next day. Everyone has goals on a range of scales, and I think it would be fun to explore what I want to do in 24 hours, and whether I actually do it.

See ya, guys!

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Anonymous said...

My new favourite word is wael-raes, which means 'rush of battle slaughter'

and people did like the prison bus :)