Thursday, 29 April 2010

Day 119 (29.04.10)

Dag hundrede og nitten. Now I got that date right. Okies, so what's new on this blog? Go on, look closely. Think about it. It's red and bright and at the top of the page. It's a massive star saying that this 365 is hap'nin! I've been meaning to add it on for a while, just to give new viewers some idea of what's going on, but I've been dubious of whether I'd have to re-do the background to line up to the banner image. Unfortunately, I did, but this time 400px high on the banner matches up to 400px high on the background, whereas it didn't before. So phewee for that.

Oh look, more Bladerunner. I can't help myself, I've started listening to the audio commentary on the DVD now (thanks LoveFilm!) - and it's very interesting. I love how, since it was the 70s, everything was done using models, lenses and filters. There were no CGI effects at all - it's all done using cross-processing or transparency film or any number of other old film tricks. I especially like how the VFX supervisors who are in the commentary mention people 'painting in' backgrounds and effects - this is just about as literal as it sounds! Ha ha! But anyways, onto our picture. It's one of Syd Mead's awesome designs for a car that Rick Deckard drives in the film. Sure, it looks like it's made of plastic in the film (flimsy props design, tsk tsk), and it's covered in pointless sci-fi patterns, but it actually works and it looks uber-awesome. See, I even had to invent a new phrase to describe it. Syd Mead - I bow to you.

Oh no. Oh noey noes. It finally happened. This evening, when I logged on to Twitter as I usually do, I ran out of tweet ideas. I've been going at it at about 5 tweets per day for the past week, but today I finally ran out. "Bummer" would be a sedate way of putting it. The last thing I tweeted about was, ironically, not having any tweet ideas. It's not as if I make a list during the day of stuff to tweet, I usually have ideas at the time. And today I didn't. So let's hope this Twitter lapse is short.


ps. Frickin' awesome song by Kate Nash. Wahey!


Matn said...

Mmm, Kate Nash. <3

John said...

lolMatn :P