Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Day 118 (28.04.10)

Dag hundrede og atten. Argh, maths test today. But on the upside I've had a big surprise just now - which we'll get to later - so it all comes down to doing well in a maths test, or being popular on teh interwebz. Hmm, academia or a e-social-life? Dun dun dunnnnn... you'll have to find out after the break. And since this is Channel Five, our ad breaks are FIVE YEARS LONG! Mwahahahaha!

First, an introduction. Hi. As well as Twitter, Virb, Flickr, Facebook, Blogger, Brickshelf, MOCpages and Tumblr (among others), I am on DeviantArt. It's where I dump all my graphics and art-type things that you see on this blog. I mostly use it as an upload service, but of course I'm over the moon if anyone comments on my stuff. And, in the first 4 minutes of this 'wofl' graphic being on DeviantArt, it picked up four comments! Now shut up if you're saying "4 comments? Pfft", because I rarely get comments at all on DA. So wahey for being vaguely popular on other sites.

Just as the famous meme says "son, I am disappoint", I feel today I have to say "Cafepress, I am disappoint". At the start of the day, if you asked me about the free T-Shirt customisation service, I'd be impartial to it. I've used it before; it's useful enough. But, as I returned in the [vain] hope of making a wafl T-shirt, I realised that it had gone downhill. Before, I hadn't had much experience of other websites' user interfaces, but Cafepress' is really annoying to use. Sure, they've added bright green Helvetica buttons to help guide you, but it's very confusing to use. Tsk tsk.


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