Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Day 117 (27.04.10)

Dag hundrede og syvten. Spelt seventeen wrong, but I really can't be bothered. Anyways, the pigs flew home and the father went to the market and made a tidy fortune on wolfskin. What? It's not the end yet? Dangit, it looks like I'll have to find something else to talk about here.

Here's a third shot from the first installment of my Neo-Futuron series. Because I've run out of new pictures, I'm tired, and I know I can talk about this. This shot shows the backdrop that you see behind the window of the spaceport/airport. It's my first experiment in forced perspective: there are three scales in the original picture. There's minifig scale for the airport interior, midi-scale (like the Milennium Falcon midi-scale set) for the shuttle and airport (white thing at the bottom), and a much smaller scale for the cityscape silhouette in the background. My blue backdrop doesn't count as a scale, heh heh. This is actually one of the biggest MOCs I've made. I had to make it very wide to make sure it covers the whole view of the airport's windows. So, seen from above, it is in a kind of fan shape. Very parts-intensive.

Hey, here's something I didn't know at the start of the day. Rock formed by impacts on the Moon (ie. craters) are actually called breccias. But how do you pronounce that? 'brechiaz'? 'bressiaz'? 'brekkiaz'? I'll have to ask my friend Tim, the writer of the article that told me of breccias. Tim runs an awesome blog-type site called TPSNews. He's just starting out in the blogosphere, so I'd appreciate it if you gave his site a few hits if you're into football/cricket/one post of Apollo-related stuff. I'll have to get onto him about installing a hit counter, or enable comments, so he can tell that you've been on his site. Fangue all.


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