Monday, 26 April 2010

Day 116 (26.04.10)

Dag hundrede og seksten. Pronouned 'sies[t]en', not 'secks-ten'. Silly Danes. Ooh, new episode of Glee on today. Apparently there's 8 songs in it; some sort of Madonna special. Should be interesting. I'm not a fan of Madonna; I doubt the songs will be better than Gives You Hell last week. YouTube link if you're not ashamed to watch Glee. I think I've got over it by now.

If you don't immediately recognise where this is from, you should be shot. I think I've said before that Moon is my favourite film, but it seems that Ridley Scott's dystopian sci-fi epic Bladerunner may overtake it. I first watched it back at Christmas last year when it was on BBC1, and I re-watched it yesterday. It certainly didn't lose any of its style, and only seemed a bit 70s (damn big hair). This shot you can see here pops up a lot in the film. It shows a police Spinner, and the massive video advertising that come from Syd Mead's concept art. A lot of the stylings in the film were conceived by Syd Mead: the cars are obviously his design, the streets are also of his creation.

Here's something I didn't know at the start of the day: just as there's a curse on saying Macbeth when people are performing it, there's a curse in Bladerunner. Apparently, nearly all of the companies who logos were featured in the film have gone bankrupt. There are a couple of exceptions (Coca Cola for instance), but for the most part they've all gone bankrupt. TDK... Atari... Pan Am... all went bankrupt. See here if you don't believe me. Gawsh.


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