Friday, 23 April 2010

Day 113 (23.04.10)

Dag hundrede og tretten. I put 'trellve' there instead of tretten originally. It seems like I'm losing my grip of Danish numbers. But I guess it just means I haven't done the small numbers in a while; 100 days in fact. I'll go through them two more times, so hopefully I'll learn them. By the end of the year.

Anyways, let's get on with this post. The intros are always the hardest to do; at least today I've found something to blag about. (JOHNDICTIONARY: 'blag' v. To write random, useless rubbish in one's blog)

Hmm, a screenshot. I don't think we've seen an actual full-screen screenshot (or 'screendump' as my IT teacher calls them) at all so far in this project. So give me a clap; first time screenshot. Anyways, this is part of a pixel-font project I'm working on. I'd design a proper font, but that takes a lot of work, and I just want to get something produced ASAP. I made one of these before, based on a 3x5 grid. This one requires a lot more creativity, and it's more free, because it's on a 7x9 grid. I much prefer doing this. It's got some nice features on it; I'll show you it when it's done. The horizontal line through the letters is a universal line: parts of many letters line up on it, giving the font consistency. You can see the £ and € using the line, and the & too, kinda. So look out for that...

Hey, guess what? It was Earth Day yesterday. And guess what? I didn't care. I doubted my not caring today, but by this evening I decided what my change was: I really didn't care. Sure, I care about the planet. I just get sick of this awful eco-design. Why must we prevent our designs? Simply by making a design eco-friendly, it becomes a good product. That's nonsense. Why can't we be allowed to create whatever we want, without fear that we haven't used plastic bottles or old tyres? We need some freedom in design. Being eco-friendly may offer a nice challenge, but it sure does put a dampener on some of the more crazy products.


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