Thursday, 22 April 2010

Day 112 (22.04.10)

Dag hundrede og tolv. This time we'll carry on with naming posts correctly. Bloody holidays, messing with my mind. And bloody tests, too. I've got a mock (practice) GCSE on Monday, plus a French test, then a maths test on wednesday. And it doesn't seem like it's going to stop anytime soon. It's exam season. And I'm already tired of it.

I set this blog up a while ago, but today I wanted to avoid architecture, art and design so here's some info. Remember that film I was writing the script for? Well, here's the production blog for it. Me, Luke (producer) and Theo (co-writer/whatever else) started it up last week when we wrote the first draft for the script. Luke made the banner (above). If you noticed it wasn't my style of graphics, then you're right and you deserve a good pat on the back. Luke's reverse the Es for some reason. Perhaps they're looking back on the word, from a different perspective. Perhaps it just looked good. Anyways, the blog will be updated frequently, we just need to get this script finalised first...

Today my change is that I have admitted something. I admit that I totally abuse the Shuffle feature on iTunes. You're meant to let it choose a song randomly (well, nothing is completely random; perhaps we'll have a Dimensionality post about that someday - that and parity), and sit back and listen. I don't work like that. Unfortunately I just keep pressing 'next track' until I get the song I want. Usually, the whole reason I  put iTunes on Shuffle is to avoid listening to the same songs over and over. Shuffle just becomes a more annoying way of finding those songs. Hee hee.


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Matn said...

Ah, I'm looking forward to this film ideas. You're lucky having friends who are also interested in making films. ;)