Monday, 19 April 2010

Day 109 (17.04.10)

Dag hundrede og ni. Hey guess what, I ACTUALLY DID SOMETHING TODAY! Wahoo! Huzzah! Hooray! Gratz, John! How do you feel? GGGGGRRREEAT! I'mma over the moon!     ...     Uh, right. That should be proof enough that I don't get out enough. In fact, it has started to be a drag recently, not really going out anywhere/doing anything. I hate to say this, but 'luckily there's school tomorrow'. So I can get on the bus like I always do, chat to my friends like I always do, and ... aw dangit GCSEs. Ah well. Just concentrate on the first two points in that sentence.

Our picture du jour remains in the current trend of architecture, so sit back and take a peeksie at some more of Bjarke Ingel's rockin' Danish design. This marvel is called 'The Mountain', and it's in Copenhagen. Unlike many of BIG's projects, this one actually exists. Let me give you a run-through of how it developed. I'm just paraphrasing what Bjarke said in that talk I blogged yesterday. Basically, the idea was to have an apartment block overlooking a car park. BIG said 'screw this, the views are going to be awful' and decided to lay the apartments over the car park, so they're all penthouses (kinda). But you can't see out much if you're in a penthouse apartment in the middle, can you? So BIG created a stepped form to allow all apartments to see out. Add a little dip in the left side (top pic), which Mr. Ingels says is 'to give his apartment a better view' (oh ha ha you're so funny Bjarke ha ha ha), and some terraces and you have The Mountain. The car park's still there: it's hidden under the apartments. You would never know it, but The Mountain is 2/3 car park. Good job Mr. Ingels.

Today's change is my final feeling at the end of the Easter holidays. And it is contented. Have I got done what I wanted to get done? Yes, up to a point. Today I photographed one department of the JOHN Collection III, the office department. It's another one of those atmospheric scenes like the bathroom and dining room in JCii. I can't show you the pics until I have all the departments done (and my associate does too), but expect a little pic utilizing that set to pop up on my 'stream sometime soon.


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