Sunday, 18 April 2010

Day 108 (17.04.10)

Dag hundrede og otte. Once again, a nothing-y day. Do a bit of building, a bit of homework, a bit of developing that chair design I mentioned a few days ago. It's getting very complicated now, but hopefully I can get a final design down sometime in the next few weeks. I know the shape I want, it's just hard to get the exact dimensions, considering two of the chairs combine to make a table. The backrest needs to be as high as the distance from the ground to the seat. Too tall and the seat's too high; too small and the backrest won't support the user's back as it's meant to. But I have worked out some nice ergonomic details, to help users put the chairs together into a table.

I've just been watching this interesting talk by Bjarke Ingels, head of BIG. He talks about the evolution of architectural ideas: how a bad concept for one project becomes a perfect concept for another. In it, he describes his Expo 2010 design - where over a million litres of water from Copenhagen's harbour is being moved to Shanghai along with the Little Mermaid. Looking at the pictures he shows in the talk, I'm starting to like the idea more and more. Apparently they're giving out free bikes which visitors can pick up from the BIG-designed Danish pavilion, then cycle around the rest of the Expo on. Fun!

Now to the hard part. Changes. Today. Which ones. Well, my camera now has about 30 less pictures available on the CF card. I was taking some more pictures for those ever more time consuming art projects. The first reel I took was a few days ago, when I set up the tribute to nnenn (my sister throwing nnenns in the air). This reel isn't as good, but it sure has got me back into photography.


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