Thursday, 15 April 2010

Day 105 (15.04.10)

Dag hundrede og fems. So, today I went about my everyday business. I wasn't as sad as I was yesterday, because I managed to make my tribute to nnenn. We'll get to that later. Anyways, the rest of the day basically comprised of building, eating, photo-taking and... er... building, again. I've started a MOC (part of a series), which is going to be an atmospheric/forced perspective Neo-Futuron scene. If you didn't understand that, you will when you see the MOC. It'll be done in a few days' time.

So here's my tribute to Nnenn. The original idea was to have lots of the rubber band holders clenched in my hand, like I'm not letting go. Then I thought that the clenched hand would look too much like a fist, and you can't have a fist in a memorial picture, so I scrapped that idea. Then I thought of having nnenns falling from my hand, and doing an in-action shot like the one above. I'd shoot from low down, and capture the nnenns falling, in mid-air. But then that raised questions about nnenn going down - and how that related to hell and becoming worse after being good - so I scrapped that too. Finally, I realised that I should do the opposite, and so I had the nnenns 'floating' in the sky. Perhaps they're going to heaven? Perhaps we're all nnenns trying to get higher and higher - better and better builders? Perhaps we're floating in our dreams, like nnenn used to achieve his dreams in Lego (dreams=sky)? It's up to the viewer to decide.

So what's changed today? Well, I now have a rubber band holder attached to my keychain. I considered Peter's tribute of a nnecklace, but I didn't think it would work well with what I wear, so I decided on a much more permanent reminder: hooking a nnenn into a keyring. That way I won't lose it, and I'll see it every day when I use my keys. It's a small and subtle reminder, but a reminder nonetheless.

Oh, I think it's clear what yesterday's change was. Think of me being normal at the start of the day, then feeling like I said in the post at the end of the day.


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