Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Day 104 (14.04.10)

Dag hundrede og fire. Today is a sad, sad day. No, really. If you hadn't already heard, yesterday evening (my time), TBB reported on the tragic death of Nate 'nnenn' Nielsen in a car accident. Apparently it happened about a month ago, but it's only now that Nate's family has let us know. I reported it on Brickspace, and if I were going to Brickworld, I would contribute to the Vic Viper formation they are making in memory of nnenn.

This is, I think, the greatest tribute to nnenn that I've seen today. It's a nnenn necklace ('nnecklace')from Peter (Shadow Viking). I love how nnenn is living on in that one piece. It doesn't have much of a use, so it's ideal for being a 'sig fig' of sorts, for good ol' nnenn. I'd make a necklace for myself, but it wouldn't really be my way of remembering him. Maybe I'll just dig out a rubber band holder and keep it in my pocket for a few weeks. Anyways, well done Peter.

You may think I'm over-reacting. Maybe I am. But, unfortunately for the people around me today, I just couldn't not react. This isn't something I can glaze over; it's ruined my day and it's not something I can forget. I think Matn described how I was feeling better than anyone. I'd really like to meet Matn one day, he seems like such a nice guy. We'd just have to find some way to bridge the Dutch/English lanuage barrier.

Matn: "I feel so weird today. I got up and on TBB I read what happened... And I've been feeling sad all day. He will be missed for sure, nnenn was a great builder. And as I've been reading everything about him since then, I now know he was also a great and beloved husband and father."


ps. I saw 18 uses of Helvetica up in town today! 18! Bloody Haas Type Foundry, getting its font used everywhere. Pfft.


Matn said...

Heh, I don't know what to say. I'd like to meet you to some day, perhaps I'll come to a British LEGO convention some time when I'm older. You were really close one day though, when you were in Poperinghe. ;)

John said...

Hopefully one day, Matn!

That reminds me of a film, when the two main characters get SO CLOSE but never see each other :P