Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Day 103 (13.04.10)

Dag hundrede og tre. Yeuch, what a day. Off to my friend's house for frantic scriptwriting - about 6 hours' worth of trying to make sense of the complicated plot we've invented, sorting out characters' personalities and traits, and being very tired at the end of that all. Then, I returned home to clean some Lego I won on eBay - we'll get to that later.

Firstly, onto our picture of the day. I thought, since I had no new pictures to show you, I'd go back and explain a bit more about my Arrival at Gate 3 MOC. This picture shows Gate 3 itself, or its 'alighting point' as I called it on Flickr. It was really something that I just 'threw together' after I'd made the bus itself. It's got spikes (one with blood on), fences, nets and automated gun turrets. What more could you want? (No, not zombies). You can also see the four prisoners there in their bright orange jumpsuits (for visibility) and some awesome prison wardens too.

So, onto the change today. How have I changed from the start of the day? Well, my hands now smell like washing-up liquid and Ecover. That's because I've been cleaning my bricks. I bought several Futuron sets a few days ago, and today they arrived. And they're disgustingly dirty. On the description it said that one of the minifigs had 'a stud glued on back'. I assumed that this would be a plate of some sort, and that I could just prise it off with a screwdriver. I was wrong - it was a massive non-Lego plastic ring, and the whole minifigure was stuck together. GRR! How annoying!! That means I can't take the legs off, or the head, or the helmet, or the visor... the only thing I can get from the minifig are some blue minifig hands! DAMN YOU EBAY!!


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