Sunday, 11 April 2010

Day 101 (11.04.10)

Dag hundrede og én. Danish numbering changes slightly as we pass the big 100 mark. Or maybe it doesn't, Google Translate can't be trusted. Hmm, anyways, it's Dalmatian day (Day 101). So, to celebrate, I bought a Dalmatian, named it Sput (Spot was too conformist) and sacrificed it to the God C'thulhu. Well, that's how I celebrate Dalmatian Day.

We'll start with the picture of the day. This is one part of my latest big MOC, Arrival at Gate 3. It's a futuristic prisoner transport bus. You can see it's set in yellow and black, to match the warning stripe stickers I bought on BL ages ago. I filled in the wheel wells mainly because the wheels looked too small, and a bigger wheel would hit the top of the wheel well. However, the filled in wheel wells make it look more futuristic, and they could also be there to protect the wheels from prisoners trying to stop the bus. There's also rails to make sure the main structure isn't damaged when the bus crashes. This way, prisoners won't break out.

So what's my change for today? Well, today I found out that listening to other people's relationship problems is a lot of fun. This morning I advised a friend with what advice I had, and it's quite interesting. Sure, I now sound like a twat for being all 'high and mighty' even though I haven't had a very good track record for the whole relationship thing, but it's interesting nonetheless.


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