Saturday, 10 April 2010

Day 100 (10.04.10)

Dag Hundrede. That's it. Ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I've done it! Finally! ONE HUNDRED DAYS. ONE HUNDRED BLOG POSTS. NO SKIPPING. NONE. I think I well and truly deserve my celebratory Coke! I'm here sipping it, and doing what I know now as my blogging routine - checking Flickr, writing this and listening to good ol' ANR. So here's my thanks:

To ANR, for being supremely annoying and always playing the same songs. Special shout-out goes to Skovmand and Bue, for having their radio show on early in the morning so I never get to hear it. One day, guys, one day...

To Zack, for his comments and general readership of this blog. His 50-day project was very interesting, and I'm very grateful for all the mentions he gave to me throughout that. Don't stop blogging, or building, Zack. Please.

To Karrde, for his readership and comments every now 'n' then.

To Herb Lubelin, for designing that wondrous font that I used for the header. You've still got to fix that lowercase Y, mate - it's not perfect, you know!

To whoever invented teal (please don't say God). It's a great colour; good job on it. I'd like to see some of your other work - do you have a portfolio or something? Tee hee hee.

For my darling wife...       ...wait, wut?!

And finally to Blogger, for not crashing on me. A pretty good track record.

OK, soppy stuff over. Remember, I still have another 265 days to go! Well, maybe - I'm thinking of stopping at 200. Brickspace has taken a nose-dive recently, and I need to stop blogging here sometime to concentrate my efforts on restarting it. Maybe, if I've done that and still kept this blog going by Day 200, I'll carry on. Maybe.

Until then, raise your Coke glasses, and shout the Danish 'Cheers!' - 'Skål!'

ps. Yay, the Blogger photo uploader is better. Fangue, Blogger.

pps. Woot!

ppps. That Helvetica documentary is actually very interesting. I suggest you watch it if you're into typography.

pppps. The Crap Filter is updated, with posts up to Day 099!

ppppps. The challenge for the next 20 days is to, at the end of the post, describe some way in which I have changed since the start of the day. Not necessarily something I've learnt that day, just some way in which I am different.

pppppps. WOOT!!


Anonymous said...

\o/ gratz

Zack said...

John don't stop at 200. I'll take care of BrickSpace in its nose dive. I'll line up a few interviews and such then BrickSpace will be back. Thanks for the mention as well.