Friday, 9 April 2010

Day 099 (09.04.10)

Dag nioghalvfems. Gasp, tomorrow is the 100th day of the year! So, until then, I must shut up about it. I've been making too much fuss about that damn day. It's time I left it alone. I know what I can talk about: YouTube. You may have noticed that they have changed their video page layout, and they strangely did it on April 1st. At first everyone thought it was an April Fool's joke, and everyone was saying "ha ha, I'll be glad when we get the old YouTube back!"...

But THEY DIDN'T GET IT BACK. It's still like that. And it's shit. Where is the sidebar? Some sort of dumb description below the video? Now all teh videos where people say "the link's in the sidebar" are completely pointless. Newbies will start saying "the links are below, fools!", and that instantly recognizable YouTube format will be lost forever. Screw you, YouTube. And whatever happened to star ratings!?

OK, enough ranting. Let's move onto our picture, which is yet another Flickr upload from yours truly. This creation is something I've been working on for a while now (well, five days). It took two days solid to build, then some more time to photograph it properly. It was very hard to get the exposure right, and find some way to show all detail and not over-expose the yellow on the Prisoner Transport Bus (PTB). There was simply too much contrast between the black and yellow, it was near-impossible to photograph.

I'll get you some more info tomorrow... well, maybe the day after. Tomorrow I'll be celebrating. It'll make a lot more sense once I explain the inspiration behind it, and the story too.


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