Thursday, 8 April 2010

Day 098 (08.04.10)

Dag otteoghalvfems. Oh gawsh, only 2 fun-filled days until that really important one! On an unrelated note, I've been watching that hilarious Nordjyske Web-TV again. They have a lot of content on that site, from sports reports to film reviews (Biff & Co.). Sure, I can barely understand most of it, but it's fun to see footage of rural Denmark (remember Nordjyske is for the north of Jutland, where all the agriculture (yes, bacon) is). To be honest, most of their news is really boring. I mean no offense, but it is seriously dull there. Even their X Factor auditions (I saw a video of that a few months ago) is really awful. No one can sing, and they're all ugly. But hey, they're Danish, so it's not all that bad.

Today's picture is another one I uploaded to Flickr yesterday. It's the second picture of the Neo-Futuron craft I made. This one is a Nnenn-styled schematic. Painstakingly Photoshopped over several hours, this picture has five separate pictures of the microspace ship (yeah, both the side angles are the same picture, but flipped. I got bored.) It's my first try at a schematic, and I'm quite proud of it. I think the grey background suits it, but maybe a dark low-saturation colour may add some variety. Ah well.

Now, that's got me thinking about Futuron. It's a strange theme, and it is annoyingly similar to Space Police III. Even still, I think I prefer Futuron. It gives you more freedom, because you're not constrained to a police force. Of course, there are some problems with the exact point of Futuron (you need to examine lots of sets and research a bit to find that), but you're rid of the clich├ęs of red-and-blue lights, and cages to hold prisoners. I've bid on several Futuron sets on eBay (don't worry, I won't keep you updated on how they're going, that got boring last time), so I'll be getting some minifigs soon. Then I'll build more Neo-Futuron! Up yours, SPIII!


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