Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Day 097 (07.04.10)

Dag syveoghalvfems. Three days to go until the big one-zero-zero! Eek, it's exciting. In a silly, 365-blog kinda way. So, not very exciting by anyone else's standards. But the highlight of the Easter holidays for me. OK, let's leave the rest of the squeeing to the day itself. I've got new Flickr uploads to show you. Gasp.

Here it is: a nice bit of microspace Neo-Futuron. For you less well-informed ones, Futuron was an old space theme (not as old as Classic Space), and it's just recently become a bit more popular with the creation of a Neo-Futuron Flickr group. I thought I might get a piece of the action, since Futuron seemed like a theme with a nice easy colour palette (white, which I have lots of, and black, similarly, and trans-blue).

I think this microspace spaceship came out quite well - and I think the faux- box art came out well too. I traced most of it from an original picture on Brickset. However, the 'sparkles' in the background were harder to do. I noticed them on the original box art and thought I ought to add them to keep away from boring-background-syndrome. I recognised that the sparkles were similar to the glittering bokeh you see on photographs of the sea. And so, being the resourceful fellow that I am (well kinda), I sourced a bokeh sea picture on Google images, edited it a little, and added it in to the background. Voila. You can also see some faint blue sparkles in the top-right, like on the original box art.

Oh, and I'm not even going to mention the re-written LEGOLAND logo (and double-meaning set number). They're just there for the effect.


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