Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Day 096 (06.04.10)

Dag seksoghalvfems. Woah, we are getting seriously close to the big 100 now! Ha ha! I've lasted this far! Uh oh - now I've jinxed it, I'm going to give up tomorrow as a result. Nah, I'm jus' foolin' with ya. I don't believe in jinxing things. Or bad luck. Or good luck, for that matter. Because where does that fit into physics? I will only believe that someone is 'lucky' if I see scientific proof. So there, you lot.

OK, what have I been up to today? Apart from building - not much. I've been building this MOC from yesterday flat out, and it's finally finished. Not only has it now got a sub-vignette, I've used stickers! Gasp! That's right, it's the first time I've used stickers on a MOC. I've collected a few sheets from BL orders, and from doubles coming in sets. Luckily some Exo-Force stickers I bought had the ideal yellow-and-black warning stripes I needed, so they went straight on. The only problem is that I get all jittery when i try to put them on; all trembly. It's really annoying.

Right, onto more topics. Yes, yes, more furniture. I can't help it - I'm a bit stuck for topics today (haven't been on my computer until just now), so it's easy enough just to turn back to furniture. This table, by Frenchman Paul Bellila, is designed for the designer-networking-slash-getting-products-made site L'edito. The table is called Massif Table de Chevet, and it surprisingly costs €10 - though the website is in French, so that may be some sort of investment price to get it made. Anyways, it's a really neat piece of design.

Phew, there's your furniture paragraph, guys.


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