Monday, 5 April 2010

Day 095 (05.04.10)

Dag femoghalvfems. Happy Easter everybody! Whilst I don't celebrate Easter necessarily, or Improbable Resurrection Day either, I still do like to get into the Easter spirit (ie. eating chocolate). And I did so today! I am now several chocolate eggs and £20 better off than I was at the start of the day. So, all in all, a very good day.

And it's got a lot better just now, when I've been hard at work building something from my big list of MOCs (remember that?). It's half based off a large-scale MOC from someone else, and half based off a vehicle I remember seeing in a film. It's coming on quite well, actually - though it's far from finished, and who knows what problems I could encounter near the end? One thing I have realised from building it is that my yellow brick collection is both small and very old! Most plates I have are discoloured or have defects of some kind, the result of several decades of play (second-hand bricks, y'see). However, there is always the marvel of Photoshop. And here's another thing I've just noticed: I'm out of black 1x1 tiles. Damn. This MOC is going to be harder than I imagined. No 1x1 black tiles, no 1x1 black bricks, very few yellow tiles... eek, it's annoying that yellow and black are the two main colours of this MOC!

And so to keep in the Easter mood... oh no wait, this comic has absolutely nothing to do with Easter. Ah well. It's the latest XKCD comic - and it's pretty funny. But hey, the real topic of this paragraph is the iPad! Yes! It was released in America on friday, where some people had been queuing up outside their Apple stores for several days. These upcoming days are very important for the iPad's future... this is when critics get their hands on some, and the reviews start rolling out. I just hope they're good reviews - Apple have had so much build-up to this that they can't afford for it to be badly reviewed. Dun dun dunnnnnnn...


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