Sunday, 4 April 2010

Day 094 (04.04.10)

Dag fireoghalvfems. Wow, we're getting close to the big 100. Exciting, but also daunting because we then have two whole more 100s after that... and then some! But enough thinking about the future. Let's stick with the now. I'm tired, yawn - but you know that already, right?

I don't know if you've ever watched a TV programme called Total Wipeout. It's a kid's programme here in the UK, but I remember watching the original Spanish version when I was on holiday last year in Majorca. For those of you who have the luck of not having watched it, it's just a whole lot of people getting knocked over by large foam things. Think those parks you used to go to as a kid (with those little plastic balls everywhere, and padded woggly things), but with adults running around a course and fire and water jets. Yeah, as you may have guessed, it's the biggest load of rubbish you will ever watch. But it's hilarious. Sure, the UK version isn't as funny as the Spanish version, but it still keeps the simple slapstick humour of watching people fall over. Call me immature, but there's a part of all of us that likes to see people fall over. So if you ever get a chance, watch Total Wipeout (or, even better, Spain's Total Guaypout). Laugh. Then don't tell anyone.

Speaking of media intended for kids, I watched the Studio Ghibli masterpiece Howl's Moving Castle today. I absolutely loved the style of it, and the world it depicted. Now don't get me wrong; I'm not new to the works of Miyazaki. I've watched Spirited Away and NausicaƤ and the Valley of the Wind. Whilst Howl's Moving Castle didn't stand up to Spirited Away - which is probably the best animated film I've ever seen - it had its high points. I just love the Dutch-style steampunk world that it was set in. Whilst some of the finer plot details escaped me, and some of the voice acting was so poor I would have preferred watching it in Japanese with subtitles, it was a great film overall.

Sorry about some of the nonsensical sentences in this post, guys. I'm in a strange mood. I'll be better tomorrow.


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