Saturday, 3 April 2010

Day 093 (03.04.10)

Dag treoghalvfems. A spectacularly early post today, because I have a party to go to in an hour's time, and it ends at 11:30 so I need to get this done here and now. As a result, this post may be quite short. I guess we'll only know the truth when it's finished being written. So just ignore me whenever I say that in the future. I have no idea how much I'm going to write. I don't even know why I write it, for that matter.

OK, moving on. As I usually do with 'good' films, I'm listening to the Kick-Ass soundtrack. I had no idea it included a Mika song, so that's a nice surprise. I strangely never heard it in the film - and Mika songs aren't usually hard to spot. Maybe it was in the credits, like that Leona Lewis song was in the credits of Avatar. Anyways, the soundtrack doesn't sound as good when you listen to all the songs all the way through, as opposed to select parts of the songs at appropriate times in the movie. Ah well. At least I found out about the Mika song.

Now onto our beloved picture of the day. This time we're showcasing a screenshot of one of the funniest groups in the whole of MOCpages, the CFOL (Christian Fan Of Lego) group. In this lulz-filled discussion, 13-year-old American Clonefags try to have a debate about 'homosexualism'. That's homosexuality to you and me. Basically, the debate collapses into exclusivist Christian tripe, so I'll spare you the details. The second comment there is probably the funniest for me. If they ever let me into the group, I'm going to have a field day. Squee!


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