Friday, 2 April 2010

Day 092 (02.04.10)

Dag tooghalvfems. After the productivity of yesterday, today was much quieter. Very little building (two pieces for the next JOHN Collection), a bit of sorting/dismantling old MOCs, and one graphic (we'll get to that later). However, I did go out with some friends to see Kick-Ass.

Hmmm, Kick-Ass. I'm not sure about it, it's not a simple 'yeah I liked it' or 'no, I didn't like it' thing. It's more complicated. Sure, it was made really well, and with a great soundtrack to boot. And sure, there were some great sequences, some great shots too. And yes, it did have those classic quotes that I'm sure will be passed around in no time (for example, the bit where Hit Girl (some 12 year-old superhero with guns and knives) is asked what she would like for her birthday. "Can I get a puppy?" she asks, then after a pause: "Nah, I'm just fucking with you, daddy. Look, I'll have a French Vig model 42 Butterfly knife" (or words to that effect)).

But, through all the comedy, great sequences and well-picked soundtrack, I still can't get over the excessive use of bad language. I'm usually fine with swearing for effect, but everyone says it in Kick-Ass, and whenever they can. It's one of those films where you can tell the scriptwriters thought it would be 'cool' to have it in almost every line. And, violence too, for that matter. Yes yes yes, there's no need to give me that spiel about it being a violent movie. I understand that. I just wish it was there out of necessity rather than entertainment. What I'm saying is, though some violence in the film is fun to watch and necessary, there are some more gruesome aspects of it that, to be honest, could have been done in a less grimace-making way. But hey, some exciting handheld shots and beaty music do their best to make up for this.

OK, onto our graphic. I saw a film today on iTunes (haven't rented it yet) called Helvetica. Call me boring, but it seemed quite interesting in a sad, typographical kind of way. It was all about the typeface Helvetica (the 'everything' typeface - used everywhere) and how typefaces can affect us, and something about public places. So, that got me inspired. I thought I'd apply some of my newly-learnt typographical terminology and analyse Helvetica. Unfortunately, I forgot that Helvetica (and Univers, its counterpart) notoriously have a 'blank' personality, so they can be used for almost any purpose. So my analysis turned out to be harder than I thought...


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