Thursday, 1 April 2010

Day 091 (01.04.10)

Dag énoghalvfems. Well, whaddya know, it's the first of April. April showers are the logical next step, but it's been raining here in the south-east for the past few days, [seemingly] in preparation. So as everyone wakes up today, they can look out their window and see it raining. "Well," they can say, "it really must be April. I am now happy that I have not had to live through the 31st March another time." Then again, a Groundhog Day effect on any day would be useful. There's always something I would do differently. But, of course, I can't. That's the nature of time.

As you may know, at the start of each month I write a letter to myself in the future. I also answer some questions that I have asked myself in past letters. You can see the March 1st letter here.

Dear Me,
Another month has gone by. I'd like to say it feels like only yesterday that I was writing the March letter, but instead I feel every single one of the 31 days that have occurred between then and now. Anyways, let's get these awkward questions from March over and done with. Well, my BL order with the rocks did arrive, but I haven't built anything with them yet, let alone the Pirate diorama I promised myself. I guess that deserves a slap later on tonight. I'll note it down on my 'reasons to slap myself tonight' list - hmmm, that's 14 today.
So, 'hah! April fool! I was never going to do the Pirate dio anyways! Har de har!' ... what? I said I couldn't say that? Ah, screw you, past self. You can't hurt me from back there. You're been and gone.
OK, now's the point when I set myself goals for the future. Uh... in keeping with the previous letters, I guess I should try not to lose limbs. Yeah, I see you kicking that leg around like you don't care... I care! And hey, your head is not exempt from the term 'limb', so don't go swinging that around either.
The first of May... what can I say? Well, good luck with all those GCSEs, mate. Luckily I have a whole month until I have to be in your sorry position. I'll try to 'live it up' until then. Don't worry, you won't go into the exam season with your eyes tired from revising all Easter.
Oh, and by the way, I still haven't found our bloody keys. I hope you have better luck than I've had in that respect. And, while you're there, tell me what Adobe CS5 is like, will you? Try not to blow all our money on it, we have these things called priorities you know.

Good luck, soldier.

Hmm, not as funny as previous letters, but a letter nonetheless. Oh, here's our picture of the day. It turned up late, but I'm sure we can fit it in. It's a faux-IKEA instruction booklet for one of my early JOHN Collection pieces, made using LDraw. My first attempt at rendering Lego.


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