Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Day 090 (31.03.10)

Dag Halvfems. Huh, strange, yet another silly Danish number which is half of yet another number that will never exist - 'Halvfems' seems to be half of 'fems', but 'fems' doesn't exist! Silly Danes. First Halvtres, then Halvfjerds, and now Halvfems. They have such dumb numbers.

OK, onto today's big news. It's the end of term! FINALLY! I even tweeted it from my phone, that's how happy I was. I've only tweeted twice from my phone - I would do it more, but I'm awful at texting (stupid little keypad), and I always feel like someone is looking at me when I text on the bus. Then again, I always feel like someone is looking at me while I'm doing anything on the bus. Not that I'm self-centred like that, I'm just very aware. And nervous.

OK, now I seem to have caught the LDraw bug. It is infectious, very infectious. Of course, I'm not using LDraw (specifically BrickSmith for Mac) to make MOCs, rather to render instructions for some JOHN Collection pieces. The idea is to make a faux-Ikea instruction page for some of the more complicated pieces. Above you can see a rendered version of one of my favourites, the Writing Desk from the first JOHN Collection catalogue. I quite like the rendering in LDView, and it's come out really well. Lots of options for lighting, line weight etc. I'll show you some of the finished instructions when they're done...


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