Sunday, 28 March 2010

Day 087 (28.03.10)

Dag syveogfirs. Yeesh, a good day but an awful evening. It was one of those times when, after trying so hard with them, you log into Facebook and see their status change without your name at the end of it. Yeah, read it a few more times and you'll understand. I'm not writing it out in full, you'll get it in the end. So yah, apart from that, and the lack-of-sleep fallout from my school play, a fairly good day. And I've just found the pictures taken from behind-the-scenes on the play. Some good ones. That's cheered me up.

But hey, time to get 'cheered down' again (yes, for every up there is a down. It seems today I have discovered all the ups and all the downs at the same time). Zack has finished his blog-a-day project. He's done it for 50 days now, and it's been great to have someone else to undertake the project with. of course, it seems that he has a life and I don't, so he had to stop. He assures us (the readers of his blog) that he's going to keep blogging, and I certainly hope he keeps to his word. It's been great while it lasted, Zack.

Now onto something much funnier. Today I discovered this webcomic called 'Toothpaste for Dinner', and it is absolutely hilarious. It's like XKCD, but more sketchy, sometimes not as funny, and without all those IT in-jokes that you only 'get' if you have a degree in IT. So yah, it's hilarious. Sure, a bit strange sometimes, but then again so am I. No, wait, that's not really the best comparison...


ps. The new Blogger in Draft photo uploader is really fucking annoying.

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