Friday, 26 March 2010

Day 085 (26.03.10)

Dag femogfirs. Yes, yes, late again. This time I couldn't write the post before I went to tonight's performance, so I'm stuck here writing it afterwards. Anyways, I'll get it over and done with so I can go to sleep and not wake up for the next two days. Hoorah for the weekend. So thank you to whoever invented the weekend; you did a good job, mate.

After a brief interlude of Danish art yesterday, we're back onto design, and back onto Eames. Remember Charles and Ray Eames, who made the wooden chair in the Golden Ratio? Well, here's another piece of theirs that I like. I saw the original in a book about the Vitra Design Archives, but this is all I can find for now. All I can say is, thank you Vitra. A very useful website, and with link-able pictures as well. Maybe their archive is viewable; I'll have to check later.

Anyways, the above picture shows a recliner and table from a range of leather/aluminium furniture that Eames designed just recently. While this modern version isn't as simple and sleek as the original I saw, and is more padded (which 'softens' the shape - the original was very thin and with hard edges), it still keeps some of the identity that I like it for. Once again, good work, Mr and Mrs Eames.

Yawn, bed now.

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