Thursday, 25 March 2010

Day 084 (25.03.10)

Dag fireogfirs. Remember I'm still doing performances until Saturday, so I don't have much time for chatting. Anyways, it is Thursday. I'm just looking through my BrickLink order to make sure that all the pieces are there.

I didn't mention yesterday that they put in the WRONG 3L TUBING. I mean, come on! Those were the main reason for the order! That's what started it all off! Jeez! Then I realised that they put in the wrong wheels for another part I ordered. So yeah, I am not a happy John at the moment.

OK, onto some art. The above painting of Fredriksborg Castle, Denmark, was painted by an 18th-century Danish artist called Christian Købke (not sure on the pronunciation as of yet). I saw a very odd painting, similar to this, but I can't find it now. It showed the roof of the Castle, and some hills in the background, but about 80% of the painting was sky. Barely any of the Castle was on the canvas. You may think it strange, and it is, but it puts across a very mysterious atmosphere. I'll try to find it tomorrow, I need to stop now.


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