Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Day 083 (24.03.10)

Dag treogfirs. An early post today, as my school play is starting in two and a half hours and I will be tired out of my mind when I get back home at 10:30. And, unfortunately, this will be the same for the next four days. Yeesh, thank goodness the Easter holidays are just around the corner. I just wish they'd come sooner. That corner is too far away at the moment.

Today's picture of the day comes courtesy of Design Milk. This chest of drawers was designed by some fellow named Jonathan Franc (though for some reason his real name is John Bossone). He's been designing furniture for private uses (ie. as part of a house built for a client) for over 25 years now.

I quite like this piece of his. The way the wooden veneer draws seem to 'float' in the centre of the prism-like acrylic frame gives it a very etherial touch. Good work, Jonathan. Whilst veneer isn't my thing (as I think I mentioned when reviewing the Eames chair a while back), the effect that has been achieved with the combination of the furniture is unique, at least.

Anyways, got to go to the performance now. Wish me luck!


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