Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Day 082 (23.03.10)

Dag toogfirs. Due to the toils of helping with my school play AND having an RE GCSE Mock on monday, this post is late and will most probably be short. But hey, it's better than me rambling on about typography, right? Anyways, my BrickLink order arrived. Well, when I say arrived, I mean it is at the Post Office, awaiting £14 worth of customs charges. And even worse, the BL store I ordered from won't refund me. Something to do with BL policies. Ah dangit.

Yet another day helping out with my school play. That means no lessons, all day! Unfortunately, there aren't any rehearsals tomorrow, but there is a performance in the evening. And then one on thursday evening, then friday evening, AND saturday evening. I am going to be completely out of it by the end of this week, I will be worked to the bone. And that means I'm going to screw up in my RE Mock. Double dangit.

OK, our picture of the day comes courtesy of Imagechan, a image hosting site for all things interwebz, especially screenshots from 4Chan, which is what I like. This is probably the funniest picture I have ever seen on the internet, beating even 'Gashunk!' and 'Pedohorse'. I'm not sure yet whether it stands up to the 'Must've been a strong rope' 4Chan screenshot, but we'll which one stands the test of time. I just can't believe the guy in this thread is SO DUMB. Unfortunately, something tells me he's trolling. But if you ignore that and make yourself believe it, it's a complete LOLfest. More so even than Phong Chang (who once criticized a mech because it was 'too Lego-ish'). So enjoy.


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