Monday, 22 March 2010

Day 081 (22.03.10)

Dag énogfirs. Eighty-one, peoples. We've passed the 80 mark, and so we continue in our quest to blog every day for a whole year. Or rather, I continue in my quest. Zack says he'll stop with his project soon, so it looks like it'll just be me. OK, onto today. I think I mentioned a few days ago I was helping out with my school play. Well today I was put in charge of 'calling the shots': ie. telling the lighting guys what their cues are for changing light colours, light sizes, etc etc. It's tough work, but it's quite fun telling everyone what to do. And besides, I get to wear a headset and microphone. What could be cooler?

OK, interesting topics, remember. Well, today I bought a book. It's not every day that I buy stuff, and even less often I buy a book. But, after seeing some reviews, I just had to buy Designing Type by Karen Cheng. It looks so useful for designing my own typeface, and that cinema-esque one I started on way back when has been sitting around with not many changes for too long now. So I've bought it, and hopefully it will give me some help with typography. We'll see when it arrives. Unlike my BrickLink order, it will probably take less than a month to arrive.

Today's picture is, yet again, typography-related. Sorry, it's a phase I'm going through. And, the worst thing is, with this new book it doesn't look like that phase is ending any time soon. This typeface is called Gotham, and it's made by Tobias Frere-Jones, one half of Hoeffler & Frere-Jones. Apparently it's a sans-serif with a 'geometric structure' and that was 'masculine, new and fresh'. I think they succeeded, and the miniscules do look nice, but it's not something that really catches my eye. Better luck next time, Tobias.


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