Sunday, 21 March 2010

Day 080 (21.03.10)

Dag Firs. Luckily, we haven't had the dumb halvtreds/tres thing with our Danish numbering. Eighty is a nice, normal firs. Hopefully we won't see fjerds appearing any time soon, considering halvfjerds is seventy. Ok, enough number rubbish! We're on Day 80! Hoorah, that means another challenge. We'll come to that later.

But first, the day's events. Not much happened. I was up late last night, for no reason that you guys need to know, so I kinda sleepwalked through most of today. However, I was productive - churning out some more chairs and tables for the JOHN Collection III. I think I got quite a good batch today, with one office chair being my favourite. I decided to go back to my origins a little - there's a couple of oldies from the first JOHN Collection, with a new colour scheme and some adaptions. I think it's about time I revisited the old minifig-hand-slope technique that I used in the Writing Desk in the first Collection. But it's not just old techniques; I've been looking at some of the amazing pieces of Lego furniture by Mijasper. Minifig goggles are in, as well as steering wheels.

OK, our challenge. What shall it be? Well, I think I should continue with the picture-per-day thing. So that's half of the challenge. And the other half? To talk for one clear topic per day. That means no boring stuff which doesn't actually mean anything, from now on it'll be more like it has been for the last few days. Of course, the topic won't always be design, or typography, but it will be something interesting. Honest.

Oh, our picture for the day. It's the contents of my 'Lego photo resize' folder. Each of these folders contains a batch of photos, resized for MOCpages and Brickshelf. Spot the lapse of sanity.


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