Friday, 19 March 2010

Day 078 (19.03.10)

Dag otteoghalvfjerds. Oh, by the way, 'shoehorn' in Danish is skohorn. Just something I learnt today. It's always good to pick up on new vocabulary. Anyways, here I am - sitting on the sofa, watching Sport Relief. It's a nice relaxing way to end the week. I couldn't go to my drama club because I was helping out with my school's play. I helped some guys with the lighting. It's the first time I've done lighting, so I was open and ready to learn. And, though some bits did confuse me, I got to grips with quite a lot. So yah, that's a good enough excuse.

It's hard now because I'm trying to stop blagging on about De Stijl and chair design. We need something different, yes? How about typefaces? Yes, that's something I can blag on about for a few more days. Let's begin with my favourite typeface (at the moment), Rockwell. Above you can see the whole Rockwell alphabet, taken from Wikimedia. I would make my own, but it's late and I've only just decided to talk about Rockwell. Rockwell was the first modern slab-serif typeface, made back in 1934.

I love Rockwell. Sure, I don't like Rockwell Bold, or any of its heavier versions (it was originally meant to be a Western font, and the extra-heavy variations start to look very Wild West), but normal Rockwell is a marvel to behold. A slab serif (serifs are straight and of one width) typeface with a curved, more natural look. Whilst Lubelin, another slab serif font (used for this blog's logo) has angles that line up and lots of perpendicular or parallel sides, Rockwell is more free, and I like that. besides, the miniscule (lowercase) y in Lubelin is quite a failure. In your face, Herb Lubelin. Trust you to design a crappy miniscule y. Pah.


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