Thursday, 18 March 2010

Day 077 (18.03.10)

Dag syveoghalvfjerds. It seems I've gone so far, and I haven't even hit the big 100 yet. Meh, it's only 23 days to go until I do. Speaking of things coming up in the future, where the hell is my Bricklink order? Apparently it shipped 18 days ago, and it hasn't yet arrived. It's cost me $15 in postage, it had better arrive soon. I won't be ordering again from that BL store, anyway. They said the $15 postage was the cheapest there was, so I'll simply have to find another store closer to home for future orders. Damn postage, I want my 3L tubes! Nao!

Okey dokey, moving swiftly on. You may remember I talked about De Stijl a couple of days ago. Above you can see a building built in the De Stijl style. It was designed by De Stijl forerunner Gerrit Rietveld. That's right, he's the guy made the famous Red/Blue chair:

Om nom nom - De Stijl is so lovely. So yah, Rietveld designed this chair, and the above house, called the Schröder House, in Utrecht, Holland. When do you think it was built? Go on, guess. Look at the stylings, the shapes, the texture... so when was it built? You're probably saying something from the 1980s onwards. As you may have guessed by now, you're wrong. It was built in 1924! Just think how ahead of its time De Stijl was! This house is an amazing piece of early 20th century architecture, and it was the only house to be made in the De Stijl style. Good ol' Rietveld. Even the interior is styled like a Mondrian painting.

Another picture of the Schröder house interior. I love how the Red/Blue chair is just sitting there as if it is a normal piece of furniture. Ha, Rietveld had courage. And style! OK, OK, one last thing - notice the yellow and red stylings on the ceiling. And the different floor colours, too. I could lick that house, every surface of it.

OK, enough De Stijl. I think I've got it out of my system. We'll move on tomorrow.

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