Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Day 076 (17.03.10)

Dag seksoghalvfjerds. The insanity continues. That is, the insanity that is the reality that we live in continues to be insane. Seriously: once you look at it from an outside perspective, we're all just milling around on out tiny planet in a seemingly infinite universe. We're so small, yet so caught up in our tiny, meaningless lives that we don't stop to notice this. if we did, there'd be no point in our lives, and we'd just stop and die out. So there's a nice thought for your wednesday evening.

Hey, I seem to be in a design mood recently. So here's some of the work from a company called Noon Studio. They're new, but they create some great stuff. Above you can see the Tripod Side Table, which is made from beech and a ceramic top. It's a cantilevered stand, and it's all flat pack. I really love the design of this - and ceramics are the new big thing, apparently. It's got a sleek shape, and the fact it's flat-pack and cantilevered is a really nice touch.

And this, also by Noon Studio, is the Iceberg Sofa. Once again, Noon shows off straight lines and sleek stylings, but this time with metal and fabric. The design is based off an iceberg, and is meant to be shaped to let the user 'sink in' to the sofa. It certainly does look sink-in-able, but I have doubts about its stability. The legs are a spindly framework, and there's not always a lot of weight on a sofa (the pillows + one person). Push this sofa with a bit too much force and I predict it'll fall over. Ah well. It's a beautiful design nonetheless.


ps. Hmm, another dream about post-apoc last night. I don't usually have dreams, but what dreams I do have seem to be becoming more post-apoc orientated. They're quite good, actually. I should write them down somewhere.

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