Monday, 15 March 2010

Day 074 (15.03.10)

Dag fireoghalvfjerds. Yeesh, mondays. Who knows how many times I've said that before? But, to make up for my repetition to make up for my repetition to make up for my repetition, mondays are tiring. I won't go into details as I'm sure I've explained it before, on one monday in the past.

JOHNSPACE is developing quite a lot at the moment. Yesterday we had the addition of the Crap Filter and the Search Box, and today we have a whole new sub-blog. It's still in its infancy, so criticism and what-not is acceptable. It's simply an experiment at making a no-frills environment for displaying my pictures. Sure, Flickr On Black has its uses, but it's still not completely on black. There's the title of the photo, and who it's by. So I present to you: JOHNSPACE Photos. Displaying my photos (three so far) on a seamless black background. If you can't see the full picture in your browser (cut off top and/or bottom), then fullscreen it or remove some of your buttons in the top bars of your browser. I can see the full picture on Safari. As I said before, all comments are welcome. And BTW, clicking on a picture will bring up a page of info about it. There's also a hidden More link right-aligned below the pictures. CHECK IT OUT PLEASE.

Today's picture comes courtesy of Flickr. It's my latest upload, a piece from my work on the third JOHN Collection that turned out to look... let's just say 'suggestive'. I'm sure it's just my schoolboy mind picking out vague similarities between this bench and a certain outline of a certain body part, but I felt the need to point it out before someone else did (though I could just have said 'inb4 your bench looks like a penis'). I quite like the design of the bench - that is, if you ignore what I just said. Sand red is a wonderful colour; there should be loads more bricks in it.


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