Sunday, 14 March 2010

Day 073 (14.03.10)

Dag treoghalvfjerds. Ah, sundays. Time to do homework. OK, not so good. But also a time to build - and build I did. I've taken a couple of pictures just now, they'll pop up on Flickr in the next few days no doubt. Of course, some of them are pictures of my first batch of JOHN Collection stuff, preparing for the Spring catalogue (featuring a guest builder - I'm not sure whether we're going to announce who it is yet, I'll have to check with him). I can't wait 'till you see the stuff.

You may notice a new graphic in the JOHNSPACE sidebar. Say hello to the answer to all life's problems - the JOHNSPACE Crap Filter. This ingenious device can filter out all the boring stuff, the 'why is it not snowing' stuff from the start of the year, and all that boring eBay stuff too. Check out the page here, which is divided into several easily defined sections - including maths, philosophy, and design. There's also links to my various rants on ANR and the Danish language. And, if you still want more, there's links to all my shameless self-indulgence and similarly shameless self-deprecation. I'm sure you'll like it.

Also on this blog is a brand spanking (hoorah abuse) new search bar. So, just type in your desired word - let's say Denmark - and all the posts that include the keyword pop up just above the top post on the page. Now, with the search box and Crap Filter, browsing JOHNSPACE should be easier and quicker. And you won't have to see the boring stuff. Hooray.


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