Saturday, 13 March 2010

Day 072 (13.03.10)

Dag tooghalvfjerds. After a bad week, the weekend is a time to relax. And relax I did. I went to my [drama thingy], came back and built. Built a lot. I was in a furniture mood (good ol' Wallpaper* magazine), so I got some good chairs and tables turned out of the JOHN Collection factory. There was only one that I was very unhappy with: I'll show you that one tomorrow, then you'll see why.

I've finally finished (kinda) my JOHN Collection atmospheric scene, set in the JOHN offices but will also be used as a location for some of the catalogue items. Unfortunately I can only show you so much furniture with the scene - I don't want to spoil the surprises of some of the pieces I've got up my sleeve. Just you wait. Now all the scene needs is time. If I leave it there for a week, I will be looking at it every now and again. If any amendments need to be made, I'll notice over the next week and they'll be made. Oh, and it needs furniture too. Heh heh, I almost forgot about that.

Our picture of the day. Some more design inspired by the latest Wallpaper* magazine. This is the famous chair and ottoman by Ray Eames, sometimes known simply as the Eames Chair. It's an icon of chair design, and I do agree with whoever first said that. Maybe it's a bit too corporate and old-fashioned in its stylings (the wooden veneers aren't that tasteful), but other than that it's a very nice piece of design.

This wooden stool-chair is also some of Eame's work. Now, no complaints about the odd angle of the picture: this is the best angle for this chair, honest. Sure, it's wooden veneer (plywood actually), but it's got such a great, ergonomic ('user-friendly') design. I love the way the back two legs are shorter than the front two, and how it's made of strips of bent plywood which fit together to make a smooth yet purposeful shape. Add into the equation the fact that it's made in the Golden Ratio (width:height is 0.618:1), and you've got yourself a 'perfect' chair (remember, there is no such thing as true perfection). Good job Eames.



Zack said...

Hey that's four paragraphs. You lying, little... Ah I'm just kidding. Looking forward to the JOHN Collection. Is this the Spring Edition?

John said...

Yup, Zack, it's the Spring Collection. I'm thinking of some light blues and pinks for the catalogue's colour scheme.