Friday, 12 March 2010

Day 071 (12.03.10)

Dag énoghalvfjerds, and we reach the end of a series of 5 very bad days. Oh, ok, 3 very bad days. Monday and tuesday weren't that bad. Wednesday's sad events (I'm still not telling you) meant that the whole of the rest of the week was (and will be) pretty gloomy. But I had a nice evening tonight (the reason for another late friday post), so maybe that bodes well for the weekend. Let's hope so.

Time for our daily picture. Not something of mine, but a photo of a building I thought you guys might like. I read about it in the latest issue of Wallpaper* magazine last night. It's the CCTV (Central China Television) building in Beijing, China. It's an absolutely stupendous building: how does it stay up like that? Who knows!

In a way, it's sad. That's because the building you can see in the background there, the browny one, is actually the headquarters of another Chinese broadcasting corporation. It was halfway through construction when most of the exterior structure was burnt down and ruined, apparently by a fire started by fireworks. So in fact the CCTV building is being constructed in the shadow of its predecessor, which does not have enough funding to be rebuilt (though they are getting around to it slowly). To be honest, I'd prefer the CCTV building to the one in the background (burnt or otherwise) any day.


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