Thursday, 11 March 2010

Day 070 (11.03.10)

Dag Halvfjerds. For some reason, 70 is 'halvfjerds'. Knowing Danish, 'fjerds' either doesn't exist, or it's 80. Silly Danes. Bloody Swedes, for that matter. But I guess today is a good time to celebrate - 70 days! Wahoo! That's a an important date if ever I saw one. I'm too tired to work out the maths to see what percentage of the year we are at. My head is still full of congruent triangle proof from school.

Speaking of maths, it is a very interesting thing. OK, algebra isn't. But I was discussing axioms today with my maths teacher (no laughing). An axiom is a fixed rule in maths. We base the whole of our knowledge around several simple axioms. Without them, we wouldn't be able to work out any sums. The most basic axiom is 1+1=2. If this was different, then the whole of maths would be different. Let's say that our new base axiom is 1+1=-2. That means two of the same numbers added together make the negative of the number after them. Or, two positive numbers make a negative number. So what would and positive and negative number make? Some sort of ± number?

You see; it changes all the rules of mathematics. And yet how do we know that the axiom 1+1=2 is correct? I could delve into a whole lot of maths to show that it isn't true (ie. 3/3= 0.9999999... , not 1). Thus, the whole fragile structure of mathematics (which to be honest doesn't make any sense with √-1) is based on an assumption. We could be wrong. In which case, we're screwed.

Woah, that girl from Glee can sing. I'm just watching it now, like the 'gleek' that I am. I can't help myself. But jeez, she's got some voice. Anyways, onto today's picture. It's the first draft of my personal logo - I wanted to make some sort of symbol like Simon C. Page's, but I decided to go with something more typographical. It's in the same style and colours as this blog's header (that has now set my personal style). Colour is teal (#006666), font is Lubelin, some thin variant thereof. Any comments or criticism will be appreciated.


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