Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Day 069 (10.03.10)

Dag niogtres. That'll be Day 69. No funny comments, please. OK, let's move on. Today is a sad day. A very sad day. I can't tell you guys what happened because it's private and all, but it's just making me sad, which means this blog post is gonna be quite dull. Hold still and bear with me to the end, which won't be far off.

Okey dokey, let's quickly get onto our picture. One from my old Phone Pics VI, of a bus shelter sign. I quite like the perspective and the unsaturated colours. I had to remove the bus stop's name for privacy reasons - because I don't want you stalking me! So ha, you'll never find me, ye fewls! Virb link is hier.

Next up, topics of extreme philosophical nature. Nah, just kidding, I'll leave that to another day. I'm not in an 'extreme philosophical' mood. I've added another 5 pieces to my JOHN Collection project, which is actually pretty good considering my track record of 0 pieces per schoolnight. It's better than nothing, as the ever-quoted cliché goes. Oh, and I also worked out a technique for part of the scene. That's worth something, at least. Isn't it? You guys are going to love this, I just know it...

Anyway, I'll see you again tomorrow, when hopefully I'm feeling more upbeat.

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