Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Day 068 (09.03.10)

Dag otteogtres. Yeesh, late again today. Damn school. Damn homework. Damn sudden flashes of creativity. I've been sitting here by my desk hurriedly scribbling out frames and ideas and concepts for that short film I started on ages ago. The 11th February, actually.

I felt like I should really get around to thinking about the plot, and I did just that today. Then I rushed home and had to find some way to get my ideas onto paper. I tried a lined paper pad I bought a few weeks ago, but I drew my logo wrong on it - dangit, useless! What about a small A6 pad? No, no, too full of old stuff... How about this A4 ring-bound pad? Certainly not, it's half-full with an unfinished script from years ago. I finally found a bulky A4 hardback pad. I now have 3 messy pages of my ideas. I'm pleased that I got it down before I forgot. If I could pull this film off, oh ho ho, if only...

I'm listening to more Danish music. This time, from Sys Bjerre, so crazy young singer. She did that song yesterday about X Factor and 'funny dicks'. I've now bought one of her songs, 'Lille Pige', from iTunes. The Danes make such upbeat music. Yay. Anyways, the picture. The last laugh of the day goes to Legohaulic for his Element Commune mech. Dangit, look at that awesome dark turquoise. It seems I'll have to invest in more parts for whatever dark turquoise MOC I'll make, be it a spaceship or something else. If there are 1x2 dark turquoise tiles, I need lots of them!

Adios amigos,


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