Monday, 8 March 2010

Day 067 (08.03.10)

Dag syveogtres. "Nu kommer du og vil; forsøge en gang til; og lover guld og grønne skove..." ha ha, Danish songs are so crazy. I don't really know what that means, but the song's good. Something about X-Factor. Maybe she (the singer) is the winner of the Danish X-Factor. Mebbee. Take this line, for instance: "Så hvis du googler 'funny dick'; kan du se den på Yahoo...". Ha ha ha! I think it actually means "funny dick" as well! And I love that the verb for 'to google' is simply 'googler'. Danes are so funny sometimes. Thank you ANR.

And now Shakira's telling me she's a gypsy. Several times. Hmm, a new song ANR? O rly? It must be old, they never play new songs. Never. Anyways, in other news, I've made more progress in my latest JOHN Collection project. Thassright, I've added four bricks and four tiles! Extensive progress, yes I know. But what I have done is re-write my "MOCs to build" list. I lost it for some reason. Now it's back, and full of new MOC ideas, including a Post-Apoc diorama I somehow dreamt of last night (you know you're crazy when you start dreaming Post-Apoc dreams!).

Here's an old-ish graphic that I never showed to you guys here on JOHNSPACE. It's on Flickr here. It's a mock-up of a pixel font which is in a 3x5 grid (Lego seems to affect everything I do, ha ha). It was supposed to be curved rather than straight, so take that into account when thinking about how I should do it better. The bottom row is £, (, ), Ŋ, Æ (cover the right column and you have A, the left two columns and you get E), Œ (same principle), ß (you have to go with the flow with this one), Þ, ð. So, værsgo. Hope you enjoyed that little graphic.


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L said...

Neat graphic, John. I'm building an electronic boggle game out of 5x7 LED matrices (skipping the outer edge of each matrix leaves me with a 3x5) and was wondering what the best way to represent the letters was. Obviously this was lots of help :D