Sunday, 7 March 2010

Day 066 (07.03.10)

Dag seksogtres. Ah, sundays. The calm after the storm of friday and saturday. A time to relax, do homework (dangit) and build build build. Oh, and also go to a friend's birthday party. Unfortunately I am now twice as tired as I was when I left school on friday afternoon, so it seems the whole purpose of the weekend (other than to provide some time to do what you want) has been completely ignored. Ah well. It can't make much difference to the already-large bags under my eyes.

No picture today: instead I've got two YouTube videos to show you. It may not be a picture, but it's a welcome break in my usual all-text posts.

Now, I've never watched any of the Twilight films, and I hope to never to see them in the future, but this parody by was too funny to pass up. You don't need to have seen the films; as I haven't. You just need to know there's some Robert Pattinson dude, some gal called Bella, and some werewolf dude called Jacob who spends a lot of the film (or trailers, at least) with his top off. In this parody trailer, hilarity ensues...

This next video is a very sad documentary about a man in America who has the largest record collection in the world. It's put online by short film distributor Future Shorts - they're my first stop for seeing short films from around the world. This documentary is well-edited, well-shot and gets across its message to you in just under 8 minutes. Don't get bored of it; wait until the end. I think everyone should know about this man, and what he has to do with his collection. It's very sad. Sob sob.


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