Saturday, 6 March 2010

Day 065 (06.03.10)

Dag seksogtres. After the hectic post yesterday, we return to the usual laid-back blogging today. Saturdays a very good days - probably the best day in the week for me. Thus, today was like any other saturday. Then again, it's actually silly to say "my favourite day of the week". You may think all saturdays are good, but maybe you'll get run over next saturday. Then, maybe, saturdays won't be so good. Perhaps in the future, a major world war will break out on a saturday - and everyone will think of you - John, way back in 2010 - as a villain who liked days when major world wars broke out. Yes, silly indeed.

I've been building again, for the first time in a couple of weeks. I have annoyingly lost my big list of MOCs to build, and I had two to tick off as well. Dangit. Anyway, I'll be building from memory now. I've got a big-ish diorama in the works (by 'in the works', I mean that I have a general idea of what it will look like if I decide to splash out on some of the parts I need), but for now I'm building the JOHN Collection. It's a scene I'm doing for a little one-off picture-with-caption thingy, but it's set in the JOHN Collection offices, so it's obviously packed full of JOHN goodness. The furniture in it will probably appear in the JOHN Collection III, whenever that is. So watch this space!

Our picture for the day. It's not very good, to be brutally honest. It's a typographical thinymahoop I made a few months today (Virb's photo uploader is dead so I can't put any more of my photos there, I had to delve into my old graphics to find this). It's supposed to be a Matrix-style thing. Once again, it's a graphic I made by starting with a blank canvas and a blank mind. I type something in, it sparks an idea, and that sparks an image I want to create. Clearly, in this case, that image was not a good one. Ah well, it's better than nothing. And it's practice, at least.


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