Friday, 5 March 2010

Day 064 (05.03.10)

Dag fireogtres. And, since it's friday night, I'm extremely late and extremely tired again. I seem to be tired a lot lately; it doesn't bode well for another three weeks. But hey, at least I'm getting today's post done. Slowly, and with a definite emphasis on the 'slow' part, but it's getting done. Hey, paragraph 1's over already!

What is there to talk about? Oh, my latest Lego Shop@Home magazine came today. It's a short one, which is a bit annoying. At least it isn't one of their annoying Christmas ones, which are exactly the same as their Winter (or is it Autumn?) catalogues but with a more christmas-y front cover. This new one also announces the arrival of the Grand Emporium! At £130, it's more than costly, and would mean spending all my money left over from Christmas. Hence, it's a no-no, for now at least. I bet those trans-clear headlights will be selling for a fortune on BL.

Okey dokey, moving on - here is our picture of the day. It's nothing special, and it's in fact a re-shopped photo back from Phone Pics II. I don't think I ever showed the original to you, but I wanted to try something in black and white, and so here it is. Enjoy.

Adios amigos,

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Anonymous said...

I thought the latest S@H catalogue was rather short too, but fortunately my Brick Issue came on the same day to supplement it :D