Thursday, 4 March 2010

Day 063 (04.03.10)

Dag fireogtres. Another good day. This weeks seems to be full of them. Did I mention before that I run a film club at my school? Well, if not, then I'm mentioning it to you now. We mainly make films, but watch some too. I organise for us to do a project each term - this term it's all about cinematography. We're going through the basics: CU, EUC, OTS, POV, etc, as well as covering some more complex techniques like answering shots and the master shot technique.

Since it's near the end of the term, the six groups which make up film club are starting to film their scenes (which they've planned and storyboarded). That means it's film club every day of the week for me! From now until thursday next week there'll be a group filming each lunchtime, and I'll be there to advise them and try to keep out of their shots. It's really fun to see their projects developing, and to see them working from my storyboard template and the filmmaking techniques I've taught them. Makes me feel very proud. A big ego boost, too.

Anyways, let's move onto today's picture. Oh hoorah. It's a crappy tiling graphic! Well, I think I deserve to cut myself some slack as I 'mocked this up' on Fireworks at lunchtime in school today. Though the prospect of a blank Fireworks canvas is quite daunting, it's also fun. Just a quick fiddle around with the Pen tool created a shape which was a right-angled triangle with its shortest edge curved. A bit of messing around, and I produced this. It tiles quite well, though it only tiles horizontally, so it's hard to find a good application for it. But hey, it's some Fireworks practice for me. Virb doesn't seem to be working, so I have no link for you today.


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