Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Day 062 (03.03.10)

Dag toogtres. I'm still confuzzled over the whole halvtreds/tres thing. Silly Danish. Bloody Swedes. Day 62, that would be. My house number. Uh... (shit) ... I mean, 10 more than my house number. Yeah, ha ha, just a typo. Of course it's not my house number. Heh heh, I wouldn't say that online. Hah hah. Hah hah heh eh... uh... let's move on!

The daily picture. Or picture of the day, as you could also call it. Daily picture reminds me of that ghastly Facebook app. Yeesh, I hate that thing. I set it up a few months ago, and it's been nagging at me to 'upload my picture of the day' using its dumb-ass ad-filled UI ever since. I want to turn it off, but I don't really know how. It's probably really easy. I can never fully get to hang with Facebook. Anyway - the picture. It's a swooshy thing. Recently 'shopped. Used to be in a Phone Pics thingy. Number 1, if my memory serves (is that the expression?). It's on Virb here. Voila.

Paragraph three. What's it all about today? I shout start a mini-blog of only the stuff I have in paragraph three. It's a vastly diverse paragraph, ranging from absolute shit (see Day 58), or it could be very interesting (see Day 57). I guess what I've been doing recently is making my business card. It's nothing too serious; just a little card with my email address and website on it. The problem is, I don't know what site to use. I should really make my own site, but I can't decide on a design or an identity. Do I go by my real name? Do I make up a company (eg. "Ƙstegaard Graphics")? Do I go by my pseudonym, John? Should it be a personal site? A portfolio? My Virb site? Should I show this blog on it? My Twitter? Brickspace? It's the best web design work I've done, but I'm not sure about showing it to potential clients, it being Lego and all. Not that I deny my Lego fanhood, I'm just unsure of whether it will scare off P-Cs. Ah well, that's a struggle for another day...


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