Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Day 061 (02.03.10)

Dag énogtres. Yay for that é. Yé! Hah hah. Guess what I'm doing? Photoshopping, of course! Guess what I'm listening to? ANR, of course! And they're still playing the same damn songs. It think it's Allan Reichstein presenting. I could be wrong. It could be that moronic Søren guy. Hey, I've discovered the 1-up from ANR... Danish TV! ANR is part of a network called Nordjyske. Nordjsyke, the broadcasting company of north Jutland (Jylland) have a site called Web-TV where you can watch little news articles about whatever boring shit is happening in north Jutland. There's also a movie programme called Bif & Co. It's pretty funny 'cause you get to see crazy Danish films.

Now, yesterday I was going to write about Cloverfield. Luke (from Brickspace) lent it to me, and I watched it all in one go (never watch a film in two parts if you can help it) last night. Unfortunately I really needed to grab the moment after I'd finished watching it, but then I realised it was a letter-writing and challenge-setting day so that got sidelined. I'm going to watch it again sometime this week (leave some time for it to sink in, then I can look deeper into it when I have thought about it more), then I'll give you guys a proper review. All I can tell you now is that it was breathtaking - maybe not because "it was so good it was breathtaking", but rather "it was so chock-full of non-stop action it was literally breathtaking". Some fantastic cinematography in there, too. "We've got a bite!" screamed some doctor. Then a woman a'sploded. A serious 'OMG! WTF? OMFG!!' moment.

Did I not say I had to show you a picture each day? I did, and here's today's delightful installment. It's a re-'shopped old Phone Pics photo. (you can find it on Virb here). I quite like how it's come out, with a clear contrast between the red of the leaves (fake, ha ha) and the blue of the sky (also fake). 'Shopping it has also made it look sharper, which is always a good thing.

Yesterday Zack gave us on Flickr a sneaky peek at his Blood in the Snow entry. I can't wait to see it; I know it's going to top mine. Ah well, I'm happy with third place (first and second being Zack and someone else who I know will also top me). Stop teasing us, Zack!!


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Zack said...

Nice post yesterday. The Blood in the Snow entry it coming. I'm sure you will do really well in the contest.