Monday, 1 March 2010

Day 060 (01.03.10)

Dag Tres. That's right, 50 is halv-treds and 60 is tres. They narrowly avoided having 50 as half of 60. Silly Danes. That reminds me, I should have escaped to Denmark today. Had a bit of a mix-up with my fellow escapee. Maybe another time.

Anyway, it's day 60. And it's also the start of the month. That means this day is the overlap of two important events: my 20-day challenge, and my monthly letter to my future self. It's a shame, because I had some good content to talk about today. Ah well, it can wait until tomorrow. Here's my last letter. Now time for the second one...

Dear moi,
Funnily enough, I have kept up with this blog, contrary to what I said a month ago. So hah. Ha ha ha. It's going very well actually. Sure, friday nights are going to be a bit of a problem, but we can overcome it. And I seemed to write a lot last friday, so maybe it's not all bad. Let's hope we can keep this up until month 4. April. Showers and stuff like that. Good luck, mate.
I didn't win those eBay things. Fucking eBay. I'll never forget that idiot who outbid me in the last second. Sure, I won another eBay thing, but I didn't win that one. Oh, and about that JRC entry... uh... heh heh, I think it's got a little complicated. But my rocky slopes are coming in the post, honest! Some guy in America shipped them today! Then I'll do the entry. Even though the contest has ended, I can still build Pirate. And I hereby give myself until the 1st April to finish at least one Pirate dio. And no, you can't say "deadline? Ha, april fool!". This is 'srs buiness', got it?
So what now? We haven't found Bin Laden, our house hasn't burnt down, and I still haven't found our keys. Sorry about that. I never had them in the first place. But have you found them yet? Have you finally found some way to get over that whole Valentine's Day thing? I hope you have. You seem like a braver person than I am, which is kinda strange since we're one and the same.
Once again, pay heed to the warning about you losing limbs. I'm watching where you swing that arm, asshole. I see you.

Until then, adios!

I think that just about summed it up, as well as confusing you guys a lot. I was speaking to both my future self and my past self simultaneously there, not such a good idea for when I do it again on the 1st April. No doubt I'll make lots of April Fool's jokes.

OK, what's my pact for the next 20 days? Simply this: post a picture with every single post. That's right, a picture (whether mine or something from teh interwebz) along with some text about is EVERY SINGLE DAY. I started doing that a while ago when Zack pointed it out, but now I'm doing it seriously.

Uh, today is exempt from that rule. Heh heh.


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