Sunday, 28 February 2010

Day 059 (28.02.10)

Dag nioghalvtreds. I'm happy today. Very happy. Don't know why. Well, maybe I do, but I ain't telling you. So you can just think it's a happy coincidence. Sure, I had to do lots of homework - including two essays (yeesh) - but I still seem to have come out the other side of the day with a spring in my step and a nice buzzing feeling in my head. And no, I haven't been near the marker pens again.

I guess the big news of the day is about the site I discovered it a few days ago after looking back in my emails and finding a link that lead to a link that lead to Virb. That's the beauty of the internet - links linking to links linking to links, and so good content circulates quickly and easily. And that's how I came across Virb. They've disabled their sign-up form - probably because of server difficulties - but I sent them off a very nice email. A few hours ago they replied with a secret sign-up URL and now you can find my account at It's a nice simple URL, because Virb is quite new and it was still available. I haven't got much on it at the moment, but I've set up this blog and Twitter to auto-update it. It's a really great site, it's just a shame I don't know anyone on it. I'm hoping to use it as a portfolio in the future, that's why it's got my real name. So check it out and if you already have an account, follow me. I'm lonely over there.

So hey, I was going to upload this to Flickr but I didn't think it was good enough. I usually hate memes, especially ones like fsjal, but I couldn't resist making a fsjal of Dano's trademark sig-fig. He needs some better clothes, yes, but the real sig-fig had chainmail and armour and what-not, so I thought I'd pass on that. At least I got the head right, with the headband and stubble. Let's just hope Dano doesn't find this! Eeek!



Daniel said...

Hey, guess who's just been banned from #tehlaegoez!

John said...

Yeah but, no but, I never go on #tehlaegoez anyway Dano.

...wait, am I actually banned? :D

Daniel said...

No, it was a joke. :P

John said...


I mean, uh, yeah. Whatever :P